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MBA 3 Sem Complete Course (Seven Ebooks)

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  2. Updated Syllabus: Stay current with the latest MBA syllabus, ensuring you’re equipped with the most relevant knowledge.
  3. Visual Learning: Dive into the world of charts and visuals that simplify complex topics, making learning a breeze.
  4. Easy Language: We’ve crafted the content in a reader-friendly manner, breaking down even the most intricate subjects into easily digestible portions.
  5. Practical Insights: Each chapter concludes with real-world examples, connecting theory to practice.

HR + Marketing (Ebooks)

HR + IT (Ebooks)

HR + OM (Ebooks)

HR + IB(Ebooks)

Marketing + IT(Ebooks)

Marketing + OM (Ebooks)

Marketing + IB(Ebooks)

IT + OM (Ebooks)

IT + IB(Ebooks)

OM + IB(Ebooks)

Introducing the comprehensive collection of ebooks designed to cater to the diverse needs of MBA students. These meticulously crafted ebooks provide vital knowledge in various areas crucial for your MBA studies, including

Seven Ebooks.

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